Sunday, December 21, 2008

peace, love, and

what time should we ride today? i'm thinking maybe 1100 am, or noon?
s'posed to be close to 0F by then!
by the way, good morning, islamabad, pakistan. thanks for visiting and staying a while. y'all come back again real soon!
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notes from my ride--
i know many of you read this, just hoping for some little snippet of wisdom, a rare nugget of truth that might slip from my lips. well, i'm willing to share a little with you today, just for persevering with me through all the stuff above. the chart below this text puts the ride in a rather graphic, easy-to-understand format, but let me explain the numbers first. i've been testing a power tap set up since mid-summer, and have just been gathering data from various rides, getting used to using it, and reading the numbers, but not much more than that. but now i am using the powertap system to gauge my workouts. so i now have a small library of data against which i can make comparisons and such.
today, i rode just over 3 hours, from about 1030 am to 130 pm. it was about 22F when i left, and dropped to about 10F by my return. the wind picked up a bit, too, with light to moderate flurries. my maximum cadence hit 198 as i was trying to catch up to my riding companion as we came from one trail to an open road, and my cassette was clogged with ice and schmook. i held 198 or so for quite a while, actually. my max power hit 540 watts; not the 900+ hit this summer, but i wasn't trying to do anything today but ride. we did have some nice hills and headwinds today, though. the most pleasing thing, however, was the power distribution of the ride [49.56% recovery and 43.41% endurance] and my HR zones [16% recovery, 67% endurance, and 17% threshold or higher]. good verification of what i already knew was a "great fucking ride" [GFR] as measured by fun, tough guy points [my bottle froze, too], time, weather conditions, and almost total absence of other cyclists seen. we saw one other rider, at gray's lake. you guys have fun on your trainers?
so below is my ride, in pie graph form.


Z said...

Yo Rev,

Greeting from the East Coast of Iowa. Been out a couple of times this week. I got the last of the miles to put me over 10k for the year Monday. That was a lovely ride. We had this freezing rain / sleet base down on the bike path from Sunday's fun. Man... the studded tires were hooking up the best they ever had on that stuff. Like the slicks on warm asphalt. Happy Zappadan!

gpickle said...

Kim, I say this as a friend.

Get some fucking skis you dumbass!

You will still get your frozen beard and be able to talk about how tough you are. Plus you probably won't break your collarbone or anything...

the mostly reverend said...

the snow sucks here--that icy layer makes cycling safer than skiing. i AM working on my bike handling skill, though, and my mystery rider and i DID talk about skiing yesterday. i need new boots.
be careful yourself, you silly goose.

Steve Fuller said...

Nice musical reference there Rev. For the record, I did have fun on the trainer this morning. Time spent with friends on the bike is good, whether it's on the trainer or on the road.

don said...

hey, one tough dude, no wonder more women want to own you. greetings from nome,alaska

the mostly reverend said...

don, hello!
you've got some very interesting stuff to read. don't be surprised when i contact you about being on my radio show!!