Sunday, December 21, 2008

homey d. clown talks cycling

it's that time of year again, and homey needs to talk to you kids riding bikes in winter, so sit down. [whack!] sit down. what we've had the past few days is just a little bit of cold and snow. today's the first day of winter; this ain't the worst of it. folks already talking about "epic" rides and shit. [whack!] i don't think so. homey don't play that. i was here last year, and said the same thing, so pay attention to me this year. [whack!] pay attention. when you go out and talk about "epic" this and "epic" that, you ain't fooling anyone but youself. go out and have as many memorable rides as you want. but when you say this ride and that ride is epic, you're just saying you don't ride enough. [whack!]

i said this almost two years ago, so pay attention when you watch this film. then a couple weeks later, i said this. [whack!] why don't you listen to what i say? then over a year ago, i reminded you all when i said this. [whack!] don't get homey pissed off; homey don't ride this.


Neve_r_est said...

I did a 100mile gravel, er ice, ride that took 12 hours and half of it was in the dark with 20-30mph headwinds, sleet and spindrift. But it was just a ride. Tough guy, stupid guy, just another guy depends on your point of view.


Steve Fuller said...

I believe the Brits would use the word "Nutter". :)

the mostly reverend said...

THAT'S what i'm talking about: quite the memorable ride, young man. good on ya.

the mostly reverend said...

kinda slow, though...

Neve_r_est said...

Fast as conditions would allow, had to do a fair amount of walking next to the bike to warm my feet up, and I stopped for Arbys and a mint shake at the halfway point.


Lou Waugaman said...

Saturday was the fist day of winter? I didn't realize.

It was sure beautiful outside, both out in the country and in the city.

The ride was epic in my little world. My blog - my rules. ;)

Don't be a hater you crabby old slow fart.

the mostly reverend said...

this, from the mailbox at the orphanage:

"I did a fun -- no, really -- 4 hour ride in the rain around Thanksgiving. It was 35 degrees and generally disagreeable. I avoided saying 'epic' because of your admonition last year. Quite memorable, though. It wasn't really horrible until the last hour or so."

thanks, BR, for remaining true to this basic building block of cycling character. in years to come, you will better appreciate your accumulation of cycling wisdom, as folks will look to YOU like you're really NOT a blowhard, but someone who actually knows his cycling shit.

or, as i like to say, "a cyclist can't have too many memorable rides, only too little an ability to remember them all. i find that the more miserable the ride is at present, the more enjoyable it becomes in the future, as it recedes into the past."

now, get outta here, ya little scrambler.