Wednesday, December 17, 2008


it's been kinda quiet here at the sermonette the past week. i've been observing zappadan, of course, throwing shoes, and doing a fair amount of "work." the lord works in strange ways, as they say. [i don't say it, they do.] in addition to all this, i've been riding my bike through the rather challenging cold and snow here lately. i prefer the snow, by the way, to the extreme cold. but saturday, on my way home after my ride and a bike kollective board meeting, i stopped at zanzibar's on ingersoll for a cup o' joe and a chat. i then rolled on up the hill, and encountered scores of folks on a variety of big wheels. in front of gt's, i encountered scott sumpter, who told me that they'd raised $10,000 for the charity they support, the children's heart connection.
$10,000. holy shit! quick math: 70 big wheels, 175 people, $10,000. that's a lot, man. good job, kids. amazing.
a bit of irony, though. as i was leaving gt's, to continue home, a tipsy voice from the crowd outside asked me, "where's your helmet?"
gotta love that shit, eh?
anyway, next time you see some old farts on big wheels, think kindly of them. they just might be saving someone's life.

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