Friday, January 23, 2009

about the klunkerz ride

thank goodness for scheduling constraints! because of them, i'm NOT going to be able to actually ride one of my old bikes out to the showing of the film "klunkerz" as i'd hoped.
it's gonna be really cold, and my tight schedule tonight just won't allow the time to do this. sorry for any inconvenience. my warmest thoughts will be with any who DO ride. i'll give you special mention, but i just won't ride with you tonight. see ya at the movies!!


klunkerbill said...

I hope you guys like the movie
Ride on,
Billy Savage

the mostly reverend said...

it was GREAT, billy. i had a great time talking with gary, and will continue my conversation with him tomorrow. i look forward to talking with the two of you soon.

you did a fantastic job putting this movie together, man. it amazes me that those cats just happened to be so into filming and photographing their activites. that shit is PRICELESS!

as i watched it, i kept thinking, "man, i've gott talk with wendee, and fred, and breezer, and otis, and . . ."
well, you get the idea!
thanks for doing this, billy. made me wanna go down to my basement and bring out my old springer schwinn, get high, and go riding.
except for the -20F windchill.

klunkerbill said...

Thanks for the kind words. It was really an honor getting to know these amazing athletes. American Ingenuity at it's finest. For folks that didn't get a chance to see it, the film can be purchased at BTW: A word of caution, Reverend, on that Springer front end. That variable wheelbase and all those extra parts can have catastrophic results on the downhill. If you must, The Morrow Dirt Club guys recommend replacing the outside spring with a giant one from a Harley Davidson springer seat, using a larger hardened steel industrial bolt, receiver and washers, replacing the inner spring with a couple of mated valve springs from an American V-8 engine, and swapping the rubber grommets out with modified skateboard bushing of a very hard durometer. It ain't gonna shave any grams off the weight, but it'll tighten 'er up give you a better chance of making to the bottom of the hill in one piece:). Ride on!

Steve Fuller said...

No riding the springer schwinn in -20F windchills? No tough guy points for you today. ;)