Friday, January 23, 2009

an upside to the economic dumpster dive?

this map shows the proposed location of the $600,000,000 [!] microsoft data center south of west des moines construction of which, officials announced today, will be delayed for the foreseeable future. fans of gravel road riding will immediately recognize this site at the bottom of the hill just east of the annoying new housing development midway between booneville and the west edge of des moines, near the dmacc center on west grand avenue. as long as hard times persist, we will be able to continue to enjoy one of the last remaining gravel roads back into the metro from the southwest.
god-damned progress really bites my ass--again.


Steve Fuller said...

I was wondering how much of an effect that was going to have on our beloved Booneville loop. While the jobs will be missed, I am happy that this road isn't going to be flatted and paved quite yet.

the mostly reverend said...

it would be an interesting place to hold critical mass-type protests on a regular and frequent bacis