Monday, January 05, 2009

happy new year?

where the hell have i been?
that's a fair question, i guess.
around, i suppose. chipping ice, sliding on the city streets, checking out the trail system, riding LOTS of gravel roads [warren county doesn't spend a lot of time plowing gravel, it would seem]. doing LOTS of riding, actually. been pretty nice, all things considered. more than anything, the wind has posed a greater challenge than the cold or ice. you can put on additional layers, or let a little more air out of your tires--no, i DON'T believe in studded tires; like a helmet, studded tires give you a false sense of security, when using one's head might work a little better, and make you a better, more cautious and skillful rider at the same time--but you CAN'T make yourself impervious to 35 mphs wind with sudden and unpredictable gusts up to 45 mph. on ice.
so the riding has been invigorating, the hills have been fun and plentiful, and the wildlife has been outstanding and abundant. hell, the stars have been amazing, and the sunsets breathtaking.
what is there NOT to love about this time of year?

what do you think? i'm thinking jumpsuits, stocking caps, and baseball caps. give me your thoughts in the comments section.


Iowagriz said...

Never noticed it before, but why is your logo signaling a left turn and wearing a helmet :)

Jumpsuits, tan like a retired RVer would wear in Arizona.

Happy New Year!

Neve_r_est said...

Why not up the skill challenge. Straight jackets.


the mostly reverend said...

actually, i am wearing an old cinelli hairnet, and waving in victory in the first cranksgiving alleycat. i beat some kid for, um, seventh place or something inglorious.

Steve Fuller said...

this is indeed a great time of year to be riding. The winds aren't slowed by the fields of corn, and anyone that sees a bike on the road this time of year figures you're crazy and they give you extra room.

the mostly reverend said...

you got THAT right!
but why haven't i SEEN you out there, stevie?
where DO you ride? live on the WEST side, don't ya? representin' and shit.

Steve Fuller said...

Rev, someone's gotta try to keep it real out here in the 'burbs :) There are races on the calender (all longer than the 2008 state road race) and only so much time to prepare for them. Last week was a quick jaunt to Woodward and back. Plans are in the works for some sort of gravel ride to Sheldahl on Saturday. Not sure of the route yet.