Thursday, January 29, 2009

role models

i never really gave it much thought, but this morning, as i came across the first video, billy preston's "will it go round in circles?" and as i followed links to the next one, steely dan's "reeling in the years" from the nbc late night music showcase "midnight special" from 1973, i realized that if i were to be able to design a future world, it would be heavily populated by folks like the ones you see on stage and in the audience. it really is one of those "you just don't know" things, i suppose.
must be one of the reasons i like these folks so much.


don said...

i always liked steely dan as well. Jeff "skunk" baxter is now a defense consultant. go figure

the mostly reverend said...

and a much LARGER consultant, at that. he hasn't worn a size 32 since, well, 1973. shoulda listened to ike: beware the military-industrial cheesecake.