Saturday, January 17, 2009

evolution of diva

a simple child, dreaming at the state fair, 2007 [age 3y]

a less-simple princess on her 4th birthday

doing her "britney thing" [age 4y, 3m]

planning her dream wedding, with tutu [age 4y, 4m]

relishing her one-hour flattening results [age 4y, 5m]
thankfully, i'm just the grand-dad, responsible for keeping her interested in cycling, bicycle racing, sledding in blizzards, tree-hugging, getting dirty, flying kites, doing ragby on the cheap, and other such non-diva activities. maybe, someday, I'LL be the grand-dad moving into the whitehouse [or some other big. old house] with her.
otherwise, i'm totally screwed.

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