Friday, June 19, 2009

analog update

one week later, and i'm still without a digital converter box.
i received my government-issued $40 coupons [i got two] saturday or monday. they are lying about like an un-opened pack of smokes, tempting me. i have not touched them, nor caressed them, but i've thought about both. they're so damned shiny and digital-looking.
i folded up [although did not remove] the rabbit ears and old vhf round antenna. i hooked up the vcr and dug out collected tapes of 2002 giro, and have been watching that. phil, paul, bobke, and the characters from that distance past. my dvd player continues to remain unused since its purchase several years ago. i've thought about moving it from the living room to the bedroom where my surviving tv resides. i have many dvds, including a derek trucks concert and a new 3-disc woodstock collection. i would like ot watch them at some point.
i AM having trouble knowing what the weather is and what it will be doing, but i understand that it is going to get hot and humid one of these days.
i read at that walter cornkite is gravely ill. this digital thing is probably killing him.
and that's the way it is...

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