Saturday, June 13, 2009

technical difficulties

i am, by nature, a bit of a fuddy-duddy, as regular readers by now well know. as it relates to television, for the past few years, that has meant a return to rabbit ears. since february, i have lived without who-tv13 [i can't help it, i preferred their local news to kcci's], kdsm-fox17 [god, i love old seinfelds, and 2 and 1/2 men], and who knows what else. but since midnight, it's gone [as it, sadly, letterman and the early sunday morning original star trek episodes at 130 am on kcci...sniff].
totally gone, except for the snow, i assume, as i haven't checked yet.
i'm going to see how long this experiment lasts, which is tough, as the tour promises to be a GREAT one, and i am sorely tempted to reactivate my long-dead dish subscription for a month and then let it go.
we shall see.
my reasons are multiple, and range from purely economic, to political, social, as well as fitness-related. in a fit of picque, years ago, i bought a DVD player, and plugged it in, electrically, but not through the tv. i might just do that, and play old converted from video to dvd tour, giro and vuelta tapes for the past many, many years. i DO love cycling on tv.
but we'll see, i certainly have many other things to do other than watch tv.
let's see if i can withstand my internal pressure to cave.
wish me--and others who are also struggling--luck.


Jezebel said...
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gpickle said...

Turn off your tv and turn on your life.

Go Kim!

the mostly reverend said...

i DID receive a couple $40 off gov't coupons for converter boxes.

i am impaled on the horns of a dilemma. gored, that is.

Thomas said...

You don't need tv, everything is on the computer.