Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NEW thursday race series!!

from lane anderson:
I met with the city of Altoona monday morning and got tentative approval for a 3-race Thursday night Series in Altoona.

The series will be July 16, Aug 6, and Aug 20. There will be a Men's "A", "B", and Women's race each night. The course is an undulating 1.2 mile circuit with 4 corners and one 180 degree turn.

They are going to close the roads for us this Thursday, June 18, for a trial run. If it goes off without a hitch, they'll approve the series.

I'm hoping to get out as many folks as possible to get a true test and so we can all get a good workout in (which is my ulterior motive for doing this). We will have to have insurance coverage for this Thursday, so I will need to charge an entry. It's not usacycling so there's no "1-day license" required. All participants will pay $10/night.

Please spread the word, get as many people out as possible.

Altoona Thursday Training Series
Brought to you by ALL9Yards Realty
July 16, Aug 6, Aug 20
Stand Alone Event June 18

6:00 - Women - 15 laps
7:00 - “A” (Cat 1,2,3,4) - 20 laps
8:00 - “B” (Cat 5) - 10 laps

Course: 1.2 mile rolling circuit. 4 corners and 1 hairpin turn each lap.
Registration Opens at 5:00, closes when you are too late to pin your number
Entry: $10/rider. No one day license required
Directions: From the corner of 1st Ave and 8th St in Altoona (HyVee) go east on 8th St SE (NE 46th) to NE 80th on the East edge of town. Go south on NE 80th to the “Tuscany Development” at 17 St SE. Turn east into the development, registration and start/finish is at the corner of 17th St SE and 17th Ave SE.
Each race of the series will have merchandise prizes for the top 3 as well as possible primes during the race. Depending on participation, there may be an overall cash purse for the series.

Contact: Lane Anderson (515) 971-1761
Not a USACycling sanctioned race.
“When you choose ALL9Yards Realty, Cycling wins”


gpickle said...

Hooray for races not sanctioned by USA Cycling!

Great job to Lane, good luck with it

the mostly reverend said...

we do what we can
to stick it to the man.

and the sun breaks through just as i post the two weather related videos above...
go jimi! go jaco!