Tuesday, June 23, 2009

rain? WHAT rain?

i don't know what YOU did tonight, but for me, when mickey's hands look like he's blocking a free kick, i know it's time to ride. i pay no attention to the skies, and i DON'T set my shit up in a garage.
garages and rainy days are for sissies,
not bike racers.
i won't hear it. ever.
i laugh at the rain: ha ha ha ha!
no, i've got too many big competitions ahead of me, and my program says
"june 23--go out and kick some serious ass today."
so i did. computers never lie.
read 'em and weep, sport fans.
and then, buy yourself some golf clubs on craig's list.
i train with racers; not quitters.


Jeff Bratz said...

your charts are from 2008

the mostly reverend said...

yeah, well if i HAD a chart from last night's work out, it would probably look JUST LIKE THAT one, ya know?


anyway, 2008 was a tough workout for me, too.

Steve Fuller said...

How does one chart the rate of healing on a collarbone? ;) I heard some people trying to decide if they were going to TNWC due to the heat. You gotta train in the conditions you're gonna race in...

the mostly reverend said...

are you saying you have collarbone issues? i hope not, but if so, that sucks. talk to me...

Steve Fuller said...

No issues here. Kept the rubber side down the last couple of years.