Monday, June 08, 2009

things they do in colorado

despite regularly messing with cyclists in group rides, the state of colorado does do some things right from time to time. take this example:

Springs woman gets 3 years in death of 2 bicyclists
By Hailey MacArthur The Gazette

COLORADO SPRINGS — Barbara Thomas, 64, was sentenced to three years in prison starting immediately in the deaths of two bicyclists, a judge ordered today.
Judge Gilbert A. Martinez convicted Thomas on two counts of vehicular homicide after she plowed into a group of bicyclists riding down the hill on S. 26th Street, killing two of them. Jayson Thomas Kilroy, 28, and Edgar "E.J." Juarez, 30, were struck and killed Aug. 6, 2008, when Thomas attempted to turn left onto Westend Avenue in her 1986 Ford F-350, a one-ton pickup truck. She was under the influence of prescription morphine and barbiturates, and she was not wearing the glasses required by her restricted license.
"When you kill two people in a reckless manner," Judge Martinez said before delivering his decision, "I don't think probation is appropriate. I don't think the max sentence is appropriate."
Thomas could have been sentenced to as many as six years under a plea bargain.
At the sentencing, Thomas, who takes 18 daily prescriptions and lugs an oxygen tank on her lap in a wheelchair, begged the judge to let her spend time at home with family before being transported to the Department of Corrections. She attempted to lift herself out of her wheelchair, pleading with the judge, who did not change his decision.
"Oh, my god," she said. "Don't take me."
Read what the mother of one of the victims said in court at

suppose any of the prosecutors in central iowa read my blog?

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One down many other offenders to go.