Wednesday, June 03, 2009

dogtown cruiser nights!!

everyone is welcome to join us for the very first dogtown area cruiser night, tonight at 600 pm at the drake farmer's market.
pamela anderson knows how it's done: hop on your cruiser [or any bike, for that matter] and come on down to 25th and university, across from the drake diner, and get ready to have some fun as we ride around the town for about 45 minutes or so. NOT FAST, just cruisin'.
tonight the ride winds up at woody's smoke shack at 2511 cottage grove, where woody will have food specials and live music, provided by the ortonville circus, a fine area bluegrass band.
and it's FREE!!
woody says if you want to drink alcohol, bring your own. the smoke shack doesn't have a liquor license, but he doesn't mind folks having fun.
these rides will happen every wednesday night, with a different route and different destination each week. we'll have live music, food and drink specials, movies, and all sorts of cool things.
make it your regular wednesday night thing.

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the mostly reverend said...

GREAT time was had. ortonville circus couldn't make it owing to an unexpected obligation, but we were thrilled by the alabama blues stylings of "Big D" who has played for over 50 years. he sat on his chair, accompanying himslef with his strat on a small rehearsal amp, sometimes playing blues harp, but the experience was a genuine kansas city blues and bbq experience.
and some DAMN fine bbq!