Saturday, March 03, 2007

another appalling snippet

of course her comment is disgusting, but check out the reaction from the crowd.

this election cycle is headed down the sewer and taking us all with it. i shudder to think what the mood of the country will be if and when we emerge on the other side of november, 2008.


gpickle said...

Well, as I have been heard to remark on NPR and other public venues, TURN OFF YOUR TV AND TURN ON YOUR LIFE!

I keep up with news just fine and dandy without a television. I think I get a better mix and perspective than THEY want me to see by taking away the moving pictures with syncronised voices that have been used so well this century to ensnare peoples minds and draw attention away from real issues. Television is evil!

Are you still stuck in Ames, Kim?

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed your synopsis of this year's RAGBRAI route that I quoted you in today's Register story on RAGBRAI 35.

the mostly reverend said...

why, thank you. i'll have to READ it now. ;- ))

Garrett said...

Is it the war, the fiscal irrisponsibilty, or the judgemental nature or the current conservative establishment that makes me so proud to be an American ... nope, it's that they have Ann Coulter and her hateful comments present at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Wow, very, very sad.