Friday, March 30, 2007

we'll be ready for ragbrai--will you?

nothing says springtime in the rockies
like a little bit of motorpacing
and a little bit of syrah.
who needs an ice bath,
when you can have this?
my friend "not walt" sent me this photo.
it seems that the storm closed interstates 40 and 70,
re-routing travelers up the mountain past their home.
he further claims that, less than five minutes into their bottle,
young women were stopping by, asking for a glass.
THIS is how we train for the ragby,
but some folks would never understand.
[and we DON'T have to raise a $1000 to do it!!]


Bart said...

Perhaps a passing wine critique by the dolphin would be appropriate here as I believe the umbrella bearer true thoughts are elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Is that Russ?

I enjoyed the storm by having a few carpet crits in my living room. My love of the indoor training has been unrivaled this winter. Now, when is it going to be over??