Saturday, March 17, 2007

the men of snowy mountain

the second in a series of gravel road races was held today,
northeast of mitchellville. unlike last week's race,
which was held on a spongy, muddy course,
today's racers encountered a late spring surprise:

dirty dick thompson, local cycling icon and race official,
has presided over the series, and is shown here giving
pre-race instructions to the excited field of regional racers.

paul jensen, all9yards staff photographer, snapped this artsy-fartsy photo of expensive racing machines, just moments before the lemans-style start. hard to recognize the glitzy masi from the stylish lemond from the all-terrain ralph, isn't it?

kind of embarassing, but this photo shows the mostly reverend at the start of his bold move off the front, early in the first lap.

the podium girls, resplendent as ever.

the peloton, shown here during the second lap, begins to close in on the mostly reverend and his gopher state break companion. series leader lane anderson, in his pink leader's kit, sits fourth wheel. eventually, anderson and another team masi rider bridged up to the mostly reverend, who graciously moved aside. the mostly reverend, a seasoned racer, knows who butters HIS daily bread!

don't forget: the series finale is next week, saturday, march 24, at 1100 a.m. for all details, check out, including exciting news about the first tandem road race of the year, or something.


Scott said...

Nice race yesterday. The Team Robinson recruits are looking strong, and I'm already considering early renewal of your contracts for 2008!

the mostly reverend said...

well, of course i intend to do my best, but it would be prudent for all sides to see how the season pregresses, and to see how the offers come in.

Anonymous said...

No, no, fuck the curtain go for box #3, Monty has that look like he know something about box #3.