Saturday, March 03, 2007

the hand made bike show

i've commented several times in this place about my friend ira ryan,
the only winner of trans iowa,
and the builder of some of the sweetest-looking bikes in portland.
i've posted links to photos of his work many times, his bikes as works of art in progress.
he is on his way to the hand made bike show in san jose this weekend,
and, again, i am absolutely in awe of his work.
if you have enjoyed photos of his bikes in the past,
click here for a report of day one of the hand made bike show.
if you've ignored my suggestions in the past,
here's one more opportunity to show your ignorance, or better yet,
to check them out, and marvel at the beauty and practicality of these custom bikes.
g pickle has asked who will be the second person in iowa to own one of these bikes;
ira's mother is the first.
but the cost of being the most shallow s.o.b. around keeps skyrocketing.
i might have to ask the government for help.

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