Tuesday, March 06, 2007

warning: political content!!

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Those of us who are “proudly” (???) represented by
the Honorable Geri Huser (Altoona, Boundurant, EDSM, Pleasant Hill et al) need to make her aware of the silliness of this bill. She is a member of the subcommittee that now has the bill. On the upside, thankfully, the Iowa Legislature does not meet year around. Once the members’ per diem runs out in the spring, they scurry out of the state capitol back to their jobs at the local Kum n Go, where they can do less damage.

my thoughts? perhaps the solution would be legislation
requiring all legislators be equipped with a fluorescent orange safety flag
at least 6x9 in size and dis played at least 60 inches above the ground.
that way cyclists can veer toward THEM!
but that's just me, and sometimes i get a little silly.