Tuesday, March 06, 2007

feeling the love?

i know i am!
it's been pretty quiet and normal around the orphanage lately,
shoveling snow, feeding the nuthatches and loons,
and hoping for spring.
to fight the doldrums, and to share some of the warm feelings
i've had lately,
i thought i'd share some nuggets of wisdom i've gathered.
the really good thing is knowing that i'm not the only one who has felt
the warmth that comes from winter's naturally nurturing effect.
take this loving couple, who drove to las vegas to tie the knot.
maybe they should have taken a bus!
or this fun couple:
she's so lucky to have a fella who just can't stay away from their love nest.
here are some handy tips.
by the way, when they say "you should stay away from this,"
or "it's toxic and might kill you,"
i think what they REALLY mean is that "it's really effective,
and we don't want you to know about it."
like epo and stuff.
but what do i do?
just hang with my friends.
c'mon, spring!!!


Anonymous said...

A former Californian and I are starting a Draft Clooney campaign to take out the Governator. If we have to have actors in the statehouse out there, Clooney can certainly take on Arnold from the soapbox, and on top of that he's more popular.

the mostly reverend said...

works for me! keep us posted.