Sunday, June 29, 2008

big changes at the orphanage

my old camper, the 77 sportmobile--

the official vw camper of ragby; the official bus of cardinal sin;

the official vehicle of the orphange, and of the church of the two-wheeled scam, and the grocery getter of sister nun, of the above;
the icon and home-base for the many thousands of orphans far-flung and nearby for so many years, where stories of discipline and clean-living were told by both sister non, of the above, and later by the mostly reverend, whose divine example all little orphans strive to attain in their daily lives, the official bus of the note-worthy nativity scene of the orphanage, has been sold. as i write this, it is rolling down I-35 toward its new home just north of kansas city. it will begin its new life with a new young family, and although i speak for us all by saying that we will miss it, we wish its new owners all the very best that it has given so many over the fourteen years that it has served us so well.

bye bye, bus.


coming soon: the jack and the magic bean bus--the final chapter

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