Monday, June 09, 2008

an orphanage update

folks have been kind enough to call, email, and stop by to ask how things are going here at the orphanage. fortunately, most of the orhpans have found temporary placement until things get better, so it's just me and the dogs who are being just mildly inconvenienced. so here's what's up so far...
the view before the tarp rain covered was installed. this is the back room downstairs, which, before the kollective, was filled with old bikes that have already made it to the shop. sharp eyes will see an early [1960] vw fender, an artist's drawing table, several wheels hanging from the ceiling, and a place where a couple tons of dirt and blocks used to be.
this is where i stand when i do lunges, squats, overhead curls, and more. you can see that the dumbbells have been completely submerged, and the mirrors and walls indicate the high water mark. that fuel canister floated in from the other room.
this is where my workbench is located, in the north half of the basement, west of the room where the "breach" happened. the place has been seriously redecorated, including the little blue air tank as well as the very large air compressor. i really hope that thing still works. i think it's okay to toss my sram boxes now. one of those tool boxes--the OPEN one, contains several pairs of pedals. one of the CLOSED ones [and quite dry on the inside] houses my drills and bits.
i borrowed my friend julie's old 1965 ford pickup to make a trip to the carwash this morning, along with ten bikes, about a dozen wheels, a couple tool boxes [clean pedals], and my old silca pump. you can get all this stuff pretty clean for $3.00.
one of the silver linings is that i have become reacquainted with my old red wing oiled leather steel-toed work boots, circa 1971. i recall this because as a high school graduation gift, al smith, owner of al's shoe store in my hometown, and a member of my church back then [this was before they kicked me out, er, asked if they "could cancel my membership"], gave me a 10% discount to his store. these $27.00 boots have worked out quite well. three pairs of shoe laces and two new sets of replacement soles later, and they still make me and my feet feel happy and dry. i think they'll get another drubbing of oil here pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! That looks like a mess, what a bummer!

I hope you get it sorted out soon!

Whatever you do, save the bikes!

Roadrider said...

Isn't it amazing how things float around and rearrange themselves in a flood? My daughter's up in IC right now trying to figure out how to get from the hospital to her house way on the other side of the river. Her car's at the Jeep dealer on Riverside! Yikes.