Thursday, June 26, 2008

dallas county board of supervisors meeting

watch as they discuss a proposal of the iowa state association of counties to require any group ride of as few as ten cyclists to register, get a permit, carry signed waivers of liability, AND show proof of a MINIMUM of $1,000,000 liability insurance for the ride. you'll learn that the dallas county engineer is PRESIDENT of the group that developed this model ordinance, and be further dazzled by the fact that the dallas county attorney is the current president of the state county attorney association. [anyone ever read "the peter principle"?]
there will be eleven of this clips. at present, i have eight completed and posted; the other three will be linked here as the slow process continues.
enjoy, and then write to the board of supervisors and give them your opinion.
please watch these, leave comments either here or on the youtube pages, and them contact the dallas county board of supervisors to give your opinion on this proposal.
remember, as a matter of fact,
you DO own the road.


bryan said...

wow ... those people ... they may be slightly misguided. and dumb.

Anonymous said...

Un-freaking-believable. This whole thing is just so ridiculous. The whole meeting was a cluster and they had not one legitimate answer to any of the many salient points brought forth. And the ass in the ride side of the panel trying to make an argument about liability of a cyclist if he/she causes an accident with a vehicle? Are you kidding me?! Most of their points had nothing to do with the proposed ordinance anyway. It is difficult to argue with idiots on a pointless idea. Thanks for sharing the videos. I watched them all. Ryan, Iowa City.