Monday, June 02, 2008

i'm often asked, "why the mustache?"

watch this...


Aaron said...

The American Mustache Institute, the bravest organization known to mankind, would answer the question of, "why the mustache?" in the following manner........

"A mustache makes a statement. It means, I'm going to drive my Dodge Ram 2500 pickup while both eating a 2/3 lb. Hardee's Monster Thickburger and brandishing a chainsaw. It means that I am able to karate chop a sumo wrestler to death and walk away without question from law enforcement. And speaking of law enforcement, it means I can walk into a police station or fire station and be welcomed with open arms by a troupe of heavily cookie dustered constables."

The mustache is you, it is us, it is all that surround you.

Live the 'stache.

the mostly reverend said...

eewwww. that's kinda creepy.

to me, it means that some women love to kiss me, and some women don't. and they're the ones who don't know what they're missing.

too much information warning! i don't insist on clean shaven, and neither should they.

back to safe reading: i don't drive a big-assed truck. my truck is a 1967 VW single cab with a 1500cc singleport engine, but it DOES have an aftermarket dual-muffler exhaust, lowered suspension and mag wheels. and i've been known to eat a mickey d's double cheeseburger or two when i get really stoned. and every now and then, i can talk my way out of a bicycle ticket or seven.
but not when i'm loaded. not that that ever happens.