Wednesday, June 25, 2008

she's baaaaaaaaaack!

yes, it's sister nun, of the above, shown here in this undated photo from the orphanage archives. the sista is shown emerging from the orphanage's vw camper on one of her many ragbies, where she tried valiently to instill and maintain a sense of civility, decorum, and dignity to her charges, many of whom, to her credit, never were arrested while on ragby.
"the good lord knows she tired her best"
will most likely serve as the sista's epitaph.
rumor has it that the good sister will be doing another ragby this year, in honor of the mostly reverend's golden ragby, marking his 50th trek across the state.
by the way, we here at today's sermonette are still searching not only for more photos of the good sister nun, of the above, we would also love to have any photos of her twin, sister olive the above.

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