Thursday, June 19, 2008

fill the hill is BACK!!

this just in: in yet ANOTHER route change, this one for the better, we DO have a devil-worthy heckler's hill for this sunday's hy-vee triathlon.
while it's NOT the strategically-placed grand avenue leg-buster from last year, it is much better than the dualthlon route which had caused me to threaten to recommend hammocks along the route. while they won't admit it, i suspect that promise was enough for race officials to fudge the bacteria test results down into acceptable levels.
in any event, a map of the revised-revised bike route is included:
i suggest that plenty of cold beverages should be included in your heckler's pack. we will be on fuller road, just west of its intersection with 35th street.
i suggest you bone up on water-borne bacteria, as i'm certain that the bikers will be covered with it. a little mass-contagion hysteria never hurt anyone.

be there early this sunday--

the first wave of amateurs hits the petri dishes at 600 am.


Anonymous said...

How to ride a devil-worthy heckler's hill like a pro

a little long but a good read


Dave said...

That is good news. I really liked seeing you guys last year. I am originally from DSM and was looking forward to passing people on the grand hill.

I don't know this route as well, but when I see you guys I want to hear from you. I will be the guy in the black and red (devil colored?) Chicago Tri outfit.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

el diablo
all tri-dorks appreciate your presence.

this hill isn't as steep yet much longer than hill last year. You will need folks all the way down to grand-