Friday, June 06, 2008

rain, rain, go away. and STAY the hell away.

i was going to post about this [in addition to chapter 38, dbax], and
this, which is how we spent grandpa day yesterday, but instead, i'll be working on
this, and
this, which apparently happened while i slept upstairs, RIGHT ABOVE IT. and in the meantime, i won't get to post or comment about this, either.
maybe tonight, after the orphanage becomes relatively rain-proof again, i can get to chapter 38. it's really good. until then, go downstairs and put your stuff about 15" above the floor.


Munchy71 said...

Holy, Schnikees!!!! A breech in security at The Orphanage?!?!?

Vander-MEOOOW!!! purrrrrrr......



the mostly reverend said...

i can't believe that security missed it.
i suspect a terrorist attack.

Squirrel said...

Damn...I'll second all that prrrring! And I thought the water we had this morning was shitty...until I heard that JC actually had shitty water in his basement....then I see this. Isn't that your "wheel room"? Fucking Rain Gods better knock this shit off....or....


Steve Fuller said...

Ouch Rev. Got everything under control or need a hand? I have storage space available at my house if you want to move some stuff around in the meantime.