Tuesday, October 07, 2008

allman brothers band and govt mule fans take note

okay, hear me out: i'm a big fan of these bands; i see them whenever they are around, and sometimes i travel great distances to see them. i am often able to get friends backstage passes or after-show meet-and-greets arranged [ask someone who has gone with me]. but so many of my friends have told me of their fondness/love of the bands that i usually forget all or most of them until right AFTER a show, when they say, "oh, man, i would have gone..."
here's your chance, boys and girls: my sources tell me that next year, 2009, it being the allman brothers band's 4oth anniversary year, the boys are going to play LOTS of shows, and then cut back thereafter. LOTS of shows coming up; would you like to see the band, and maybe talk with some of the members with me?
leave your name and such in the comments section.
for example, the band is playing, along with gov't mule, in the area november 14, 15, and 16. 2 nights in minneapolis, and one night in kc.
wanna go? let me know.


the mostly reverend said...

okay--i mis-read the schedule: it's warren haynes [solo] and govt mule who are on tour this next month. but the request for interested fans is still valid for next year.

Z said...

Rev - I'm in

JG said...

count me in. - Jed

rock lobster said...

D. Trucks rips the guitar apart...oh yea, I'm all ears!

the mostly reverend said...

good; good. by the way, i screwed up on the schedule for november: it's just warren solo and mule, NOT ABB and mule. my brother reminds me that ABB is done for the year after this weekend's obama gig in pennsylvania with the dead and springsteen.
but i'll talk with warren about getting us into one of the warren/mule shows.
readers: keep posting your interests in attending ABB shows next year. like santa, i'll make a list and check it twice, or thrice.

lost78 said...

I'm in for ABB next year. I have a good friend from Kentucky who's of just a bit younger vintage (by about 10 years) than you, rev, who would gladly come along with his son. So that makes 3, assuming we're in the spring '09. After my lease goes up in August, assuming my druthers, we'd have to find a show in OR.