Friday, October 24, 2008

hop on the mccain band wagon

it's still not too late to get on the "straight talk express!" countless "regular joes" are doing just that, admitting that maverick john is the man; that his accumulated wisdom and insight, as demonstrated during the course of this arduous campaign, are PROOF POSITIVE that he will be ready on day one to take the helm of the ship of state. let's hear what just a few of those who know him best have to say about why THEY support mccain-palin. "joe the advisor" says THIS. "joe the statesman" says THIS. "joe the mccain volunteer" says THIS. joe the blogger says this: it's gonna be an interesting week and a half, folks.

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Bruce Brown said...

Love that Ashley Todd false report link that she was "attacked" by a 6'4" male black Obama supporter when he saw her McCain bumper sticker.

Gee, maybe she wouldn't feel so "mental" if she weren't working for the campaign of McCringe and Syrup Satan. ;-) will all be over a week from Tuesday. Then we can all get back to the sinking economy and tread water for 8 months until the recession bottoms out.