Tuesday, October 07, 2008

mr. walker v. mr. wheeler...who are YOU?

tomorrow is national walk & bike to school day. there is a wonderful discussion on kids biking to school, the sanctioned disappearance of functional [NOT artsy-fartsy] bike racks at schools, and the efforts of parent groups [PTA and others] in conjunction with school administrators to condone such efforts of kids to safely enjoy what i [and many other sane folks] consider a birthright: riding a bike on city streets without the fear of getting creamed by some thoughtless [at best] or evil [more likely] motorist.
to get you up to date on the problem, watch this video provided by the DOT as a part of driver education.

then go here to read the past few days of yehuda moon and the kickstand cyclery. this storyline begins september 24, and continues through to the present day. yehuda moon is unique, in that readers can comment in a forum section below the daily strip. follow some of the links the readers provide. it is a LIVELY discussion, to be sure.

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Andy said...

Saw the link on Yehuda this morning. While it was humorous, it was also quite frightening at the truths seen. Hope everyone takes the 6 minutes to watch.