Sunday, October 26, 2008


i'm just a guy. a guy who prefers wearing old shorts, t-shirts, and sandals,

when i'm not wearing cycling clothes--bib shorts, jersey and shoes and socks. i don't really know what's it's like to have that instinctive gut for buying bags full of designer shit.

if i spend more than a hundred bucks for clothing, it had better be something i can ride in, and it should last for years.

last winter, i bought new cycling shoes--time rx something, e or s, nashbar, on sale, spent about 80 or 90 per pair, bought two pair, and saved over $100 per pair. last pair of road shoes i had i got from ordinary bike shop, in maybe 1991 or so. good shoes. my cross shoes i bought at rassy's in fall 2000. still work just fine.

so when i read and hear about folks spending $150,000 for clothing--for one ditz from alaska, i kinda lose my shit. wtf? one hundred and fifty fucking thousand dollars in two months? for HER? but then i read
this and realized that 150 k is nothing, when the queen bee spent 300K for HER convention attire ONE EVENING.

god help us all.


Pete Basso said...

yes, damn those rich people, they should be "sharing the wealth" with those of us who aren't as successful. Capitalism is overrated, let's bring in Socialism or better yet....Communism!! Sweet!

the mostly reverend said...

out of touch, pete. those damned rich people having been sharing MY wealth for years.
yours too, i'd bet.
where DOES your money go?

bryan said...

what the hell do you think taxes are, Pete? You're sharing the wealth with the government, which in turns funds programs for, you know, society.

By the way, $150,000 is more than my house is worth. I'll paying it off until I'm 58.

Pete Basso said...

Rev - out of touch is driving a 70's Volvo and sporting an 80's pony tail.
Out of touch is allowing the gov't to get further involved in my paycheck
Out of touch is allowing more social programs that ENABLE people to be lazy and/or not have to try as hard because the money is already coming.
Out of touch is realizing that Obama and Oprah came from nothing and made something of themselves buy putting forth the effort.

I realize that many people are born into poverty and struggle to get out of their situation, I'm not naive enough to think that for some it is an impossible struggle, but please, don't try to tell me that a lot of poverty stricken people can't make a living for themselves. The gov't programs have made it too easy for them to just quit and fall in line with the easy money.

As for the 150k worth of clothes that Palin was given, she didn't buy them because she can't afford them. I'm sure Hilliary has at least 150k worth of pants suits in all the rainbow colors in her closet but no one is making a big deal out of that.

Bryan I suppose you're pissed that McCain has 7 houses that he owns? Should he be pissed that we have 7+ bikes that we own? Since when in America do we have to apologize for being successful anyway? They made their money legally, why should that be an issue?

the mostly reverend said...

pete, pete, pete...
1[a]--it's a 1986 volvo. $200. 230K miles. paid for. ;-))
1[b]--it's a 21st century ponytail. i have my 70s-80s ponytail and my 90s ponytails in a box here at the orphanage.
2--you're not really a republican, pete. you belong in the constitution party; they advocate abolition of income taxes. for god's sake, do NOT vote for mccain!
3--what do you think a tax cut for a big business is? what DID you study in college? obviously not economics, history or business. have you ever worked on a factory with a dumb-assed manager or supervisor who made so much more than you and yet did virtually nothing? go on up the corporate ladder. THAT is what you consider making money from hard work? right.
5--i thought oprah and obama only got where they were because of those damned affirmative action racial quotas. have you changed your tune?
6--if you re-read my comments, i cited the example of a once-employed family man whose job was yanked away, overseas, by a corporation whose government social program encouraged them to do so, because of favorable tax benefits--you know, spreading and sharing the wealth?
7--right, she's a self-made millionaire, every since becoming governor. and, um, bill and hillary have tons of money of their own, if you haven't heard [remember she loaned her campaign several million $$?]; no one bought those for her while trying to portray her as some hillbilly mom. i've seen LOTS of hockey moms driving out hickman in old dodge caravans wearing designer duds worth thousands, sloshing $5 beers at the ice arena. right. it's that old broken record i play over and over about you republicans and your hypocrisy.
8--actually, CINDY owns EIGHT houses, not johnny. we don't have to apologize for being successful, but we DO have a right to call presidential candidates out when they make gigantic ASSES of themselves, and suggest that DEMOCRATS are out of touch. i know how many houses i own [none, yet]. i'll admit to being a little fuzzy on the number of bikes i have [somewhere in the neighborhood of 35+].
flip me shit about it when i run for school board or state senate, or congress against that idiot steve king.
and i only wish i could make my millions the same way mccain did: by divorcing my wife after having had an affair for a month with a "gorgeous?" [hideous?] heiress. THAT'S the good old-fashioned republican way: if you can't be BORN rich, fuck your way into it.

but other than THAT, i totally agree with you, pete. i wish i hadn't already voted a party line democratic ballot; i could have voted contitution party with you.

the mostly reverend said...

ya know what? after kicking this whole fashion thing [and the comments here] around for a couple more hours, and after posting that cool photo of the little kid and obama doing the fist pump thing, i am SO glad my mom was a democrat.

for the life of me,i CANNOT see the value of spending $150,000 on a fucking wardrobe, i don't care WHO the fuck you are. and to spend another 300K to drape yourself in fucking diamonds?
and THEN to have to fucking DEFEND that outrageous shit? there's no two ways around it: THAT'S FUCKED UP. those are NOT normal priorities. THAT'S JUST WRONG.

pete, i REALLY feel bad for you.
that's a twisted fucking set of values mccain and crew left for you to defend, man, i don't care HOW you spin it. just fucking twisted.

[those poor republicans are not going to know how to handle the "adversity" of being out of power. at least liberals handle it with a bit of class. none of this shit like you red folk did with the clintons. low rent rich fucks... ya notice how even dubya's former press spokesman has come clean? i don't care that he's written his book, his conscience wouldn't let him live with himself. should be an interesting series of self-confessions coming in the next few months and years. i'll TRY to mix my glee with an appropriate level of anger.]

Pete Basso said...

Yes, you liberals sure d0 handle things with class. Keep telling yourself that and you'll be convinced soon enough. Kim, your blog alone is proof enough that YOU and the liberals have no class. You're a self professed preacher and certified lawyer who can't think if any better adjectives then the "f" bomb in every sentence. You guys sure are classy.

There's no need to feel sorry for me, I've got myself covered already, (that whole God thing that you and Bill Mahr hate so much).

Mistress Julie said...

Hey Pete, I'm just glad McCain has his priorities straight and wouldn't dream of delaying the World Series.

After all, why would an election be more important than baseball? It's just America we are talking about.

Hey batter batter batter!!!