Wednesday, October 22, 2008

narcolepsy claims the free world [and everyone else, too]

"i screwed up. i went for a bike ride, got cold, took a warm nap, and didn't wake up in time. what can i say? i screwed up. it's not like i blew off letterman!"


Steve Fuller said...

That was some seriously funny shit. That's also one of my favorite pictures since I started riding again 3 years ago. Memories of that day are still with me.

lost78 said...

Don't miss this either:

"Sarah Palin is coming to Des Moines on Saturday, and the Iowa chairman of Veterans for Obama is organizing a clothing drive for Disabled American Veterans across the street from her rally." -MyDD

the mostly reverend said...

oh, now THAT'S funny!!!
perhaps she'll strip off her clothes and donate them directly, after she finishes using them.
she's just that kind a gal!!

Steve Fuller said...

I got a phone call to come to the McCain Palin Road to Victory Rally (or something like that) tomorrow. Since I'm a registered Independent, I guess everyone wants a piece of me this year. I'll be Spooky-Crossin' tomorrow instead. I expect the temps in downtown DM will be a full 10 degrees higher tomorrow due to all of the hot air blowing around.