Tuesday, October 07, 2008

grandpa update

readers have been asking about what's shakin' in ames on my thursdays and such. well, jabari is getting bigger. he's been working out with the iowa state team, now that dad is back in the wrestling room coaching. he's shown here wearing dad's headgear. his ears aren't that big, but his head is. if he keeps growing at the current rate, he will REALLY need more time on the bike to make weight. the plan is for him to dress for hallowe'en as a sumo wrestler. shouldn't be much of a stretch.

there's no doubting the lineage of my grandchildren: jabari clearly has my nose, and nyla has been blessed to receive my hair genes. they both share my love of laying on the kitchen floor.


Steve Fuller said...

She didn't get all of your hair genes. Nyla's isn't grey yet ;)

the mostly reverend said...

it's NOT gray!
my hair is blonde at the temples--like grandpa munster's.