Wednesday, October 01, 2008

naked white people dancing

i've noticed something a little out of the ordinary lately, as far as today's sermonette is concerned: lots of other people have been noticing it, too. so many, in fact, that the numbers at the bottom of the blog, in the sitemeter counter, have been going crazy. i've had more visitors in this past week than i do in a usual month.
at first, i thought it was a re-run invasion of the potterites like the one caused by the photo i ran last year of harry staring at hermione's boobies.
but this one is different, and it makes me feel MUCH better.
how do i know? well, folks are staying here at the sermonette longer--MUCH longer, and looking around, according to the data i gather from all visits.
and you know what all these visitors have in common?
how do i know that? they have been referred here to read one of the many anti-johnny posts i've put up lately. and they stick around to read some of the others.
and do you know what THAT means?
old johnny just might really lose in a month. ooooooo!!!!!! i'm getting all tingly.
. . . . .
HELLO, visitors to the sermonette!
we're glad you're here!!
by the way, the topic? it's an inside joke; another test.

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Z said...

They just want to be saved.