Monday, October 27, 2008

change IS a good thing

you know, even if the kid's parents' generation isn't quite ready for it, THIS kid's generation is. this scene fuckin' ROCKS; i can't help it. for funny--or at least amusing--comments, read here.


Pete Basso said...

Ready for Change?
1. Corrupt friends such as William Ayers
2. Corrupt business partners like Tony Rezko, Amrish Mahajan,
3. Refuses to produce a legitimate birth certificate
4. Had a racist pastor for 20yrs in Jeremiah Wright
5. Has racist tendencies himself – check quotes from both of his books
6. Wants to minimize Christianity in a Christian country at a time when we are in a religious war with the muslims
7. Aligns himself with Nelson Mandella
8. Backed by terrorists
9. Refuses to expose where his campaign funds are coming from
10. What is his real name?

That’s change? Haven’t you been preaching, (term used loosely), about how corrupt GW has been and now you want more of the same?

Barack Hussein Obama for President or is it, Barry Soetoro for President? I'm not sure either...

the mostly reverend said...

what's your point? can't use anything legitimate or current or topical?

your "reaching" and "grasping" is getting lower and lower every day, pete. have you already conceded issue-oriented discourse? still trying to toss rush's "character" crap? how IS rush's drug use lately, anyway? and who is his drug dealer these days?

pete, pete, pete... save the mud for tonight at south karen acres.

Pete Basso said...

Kim - if "reaching" and "grasping" is what you want to call then I'm cool with that. I must have learned these dasterdly defense mechanisms from you.

Issues are issues, we're going to disagree on those and I'm ok with that. You and I see the world thru different lenses, but to sit back and not admit that most everything about Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama isn't shady is mere denial, ignorance and downright irresponsible

By the way, is your boy Biden even in the race? After all his idiotic remarks have they locked him away somewhere in order to draw attention away from his senility?

I won't be able to make it tonight, doing a little costume party with my daughter at the church.

healeyarchaeology said...

This guy Basso can't be for real. I think that he must be either a really, really good comedian or just incredibly delusional, niave and stupid. I certainly hope that it is not the latter. If it is, that does not give any hope for our species.


Pete Basso said...

Oh yes, I'm for real my friend. No drugs, no EPO, no silicone, just plain ol' commonsense.

lost78 said...

Here's a handy search engine that will show you that all of the above items are straight out of the wing-nut-o-sphere. I have neither the time, nor the inclination to respond to fear-mongering, hate-filled, empty rhetoric of people lined up behind this sort of stuff. This is why our economy is in shambles, our democracy threatened by Bush/Cheney and the good name of this country my family fought and died for is tarnished. Pete, I hope for your sake that you have a moment of clarity before Monday and realize that you're proselytizing for the richest two percent of this nation that cares not for you. But hey, maybe you're a multi-billionaire and you want to hang on to all those hard-earned bucks. Then,I can see how a populist government hurts a whole lot more. If we're really going to call BHO "shady" then we're going to have to talk about McCain the plane-crasher, McCain the "I cheated on my wife, and left when she got mangled up in a car accident", McCain the "I killed someone in a car crash" and of course, his brother Joe "I called 911 to complain about traffic" McCain.

Pete Basso said...

Lost - hmmm, let me see... so what your saying is that because McCain crashed a plane fighting for YOUR very freedom, left his wife after cheating on her, and whatever else you can "reach" and "grasp" for, (Kim's words applicable to your post), that he is not qualified to run our nation. That versus a guy who has factual ties with people who are killing our very soldiers, no wartime experience, has racist tendencies, has a racist pastor who hates America, has business ties with guys who are in jail, is the Senator of a state with the highest taxes and murder rate in the nation, wants to raise taxes on your 401k, estate tax and corporate taxes...all which end up being paid by us, (the little guy), have the gov't take over the health care system, spend over 4 trillion dollars on social programs that we can't afford... I can go on and on but I have to get back to work so I can become more patriotic by paying higher taxes. Please be nice to me when we are standing next to each other in the food line.

Pete Basso said...

More shady stories revealing his bad judgement. yea, yea, yea, its a reach and a grasp!!

JG said...

Lost78 - not to worry - I've already turned Petey on to fightthesmears, truefightsback, snopes, factcheck, etc. and they're just left wing media types trying to subvert the truth, right, Pete? I feel you might be wasting your time, Lost. We know that if we were to make a list of McCain's associations & transgressions, the list could be 10 times longer than Obama's... But we also know that the campaign isn't about smearing your opponent with lies and stories of what happens in the dark of night, so I won't go there. We're better than that.

Racism in Obama's books? That's news to those of us that have read them.

For too many reasons to ennumerate here, we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Obama should be the next POTUS. And Kim - love the picture - he is a breath of fresh air, isn't he? We owe this to our kids and grandkids.

See you down at Western Gateway!

And Pete, I resent the Biden comment. Wasn't there something about "plainspeak" and "telling it like it is" that was supposed to be appealing about GW? How come not anymore? And seriously, don't take shots at the Dems VP (and a rock solid man, by the way) when Sarah Palin can barely finish a sentence.

the mostly reverend said...

i can only hope that if obama and biden [and the rest of us] win tuesday, that pete's personal suffering wo't be as deep and intense as it has been for the REST of the country during the past eight years.

religious kooks and all.

by the way, i had no idea there was such a group as "godless americans." i'll have to look into it, and see if i can form a local chapter.

talk about oppressed americans.
jesus christ, you have no idea!!