Thursday, April 23, 2009

all9yards IN THE NEWS!!

i know, i KNOW! alright already.
anyone who rides a bike has either been on the radio or on tv lately,
and we've taken it in the shorts from all sides,
still emerging with our dignity in tact [or so we think].
but ONE of us has managed to go FAR beyond the local or regional,
and has made it to NETWORK television, albeit late night.
in fact, it WAS late night, "late night with david letterman" wednesday night, when our own cat3 jerome "shrek" rewerts made a cameo appearance, in the always tough yet enviable position of following beyonce.
in my capacity of host of the kim west radio cycling show, wearing my investigative reporter's hat, i've uncovered a tape of his brief appearance.
lane should be pleased with such media splash for the green brand.
watch here:

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