Sunday, April 05, 2009

guns. WTF????

[note: this guy also loves his guitar hero rig. his mom's basement is looking good again, after he repainted.]
just off the top of my head: 13 plus the shooter in binghamton, new york, because he felt that others made fun of his poor english; a dad kills his five kids and then himself in graham, washington, because his wife was going to leave him; some punk kills three pittsburgh policemen because his mom got pissed that his dog peed inside the house again.
so tell me why we can't have gun control?
just reasonable registration and licensing requirements?
you sportsmen tell me that we cyclists should have to pay taxes and get a license, but you gun idiots who really DO kill people can't deal with even MINOR restrictions without having a cow? like you NEED a fucking arsenal? can you PLEASE show me why this is so?

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gpickle said...

In my brief period of employ at a local outdoors store that sold guns there was a man, who could pass for that, uh, oh lets go with "well cocked pin-up's" father, who went on a lengthy rant at the register one day while he was paying for his latest revolver, about how sad it was that people were not used to seeing more guns around. More not less was his answer. Luckily I was not helping him, but he was armed after all so I did not dispute, but I did walk away shaking my head while he walked out to his army theme jeep (go figure) with his new toy in a paper sack.

I was just discussing this yesterday, and don't forget the Oakland police officers.

This shit needs to stop.