Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i can't help it; rainy days and coffee makes me want this back again. in lieu of the impossible, i've done some research and have discovered an old electric italian espresso maker. we are searching for a replacement cord, or will have one made. a review of the finished product awaits; but in the meantime, enjoy the beauty of design + function.
coffee, a cool coffee maker, a couple of my favorite beatles songs, and now, i'm off to drink javahhhh and re-read some harry potter.


Steve Fuller said...

Nice. That's quite a nice looking piece of machinery

Z said...

Espresso maker? With a drip basket? It's way cool, none the less. I've been looking for an old lever machine, but if I actually found one, I think I'd get in trouble.

the mostly reverend said...

it's like the stove-top style, only electric, i think, where the high-pressure water is force UP through the grounds and out the top. there are holes in the bottom of the basket, too, but there is no provision for recirculation.
but steve, it really IS a pretty counter space eater, isn't it?

Z said...

I'm not 100% on that. It sure looks like a counter top electric moka pot to me. I just can't call those espresso machines. That said, it's one of those molto sexy Italiano ones. If you google a bit, you can find the same one on the Italian EBay. It's currently at 27.5 euros