Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter, 2009: he is ridin'

good luck finding the golden egg, georgie
other early morning easter thoughts:
--getting up at 400 am to follow a bike race online is much easier with really GOOD coffee, and a basket full of peeps [thanks, becky]
--the dogs love having a dry back yard again
--everyone needs to keep doug smith in their thoughts. doug, who was having his finest season yet, was run over yesterday by some old asshole in a truck who, having honked ceaselessly at the rolling rotation near winterset, passed and then cut in too soon, his anhydrous tank rolling over doug, and KEPT ON DRIVING!! after being stopped by a passing motorist, who is also a cyclist, he claimed [lying, of course] that he hadn't seen him.
what additional evidence does a prosecutor need?
what further proof is there that we do not need 5-foot laws,
but education AND enforcement?
--clearly, i need more coffee and peeps

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Jeff Bratz said...

do you have anything in terms of if the family needs anything? i have been tracking as best as i can on the rassy discussion group, but have yet to see anyone with inof about family needs etc.

I planned on going down t0 the hospital last night, but didn't find out of the incident until LATE yesterday, after riding we had a few Fat Tires, and didn't think it best to head down to the hospital at that point.