Thursday, April 16, 2009

those who were there, and some who were not

a video from jeff...
by the way, where were the board members from the iowa bike coalition?
the plea was made for all cyclists to support the coalition,
but WHY SHOULD WE, when the board members don't support US?
it was a little apparent, mark and others, that you WERE NOT WITH US wednesday evening in des moines, and it is, once again, being duly noted.
let them know that you know.


the mostly reverend said...

it's my understanding that forrest ridgeway WAS in the throngs. thanks, forrest, i DO appreciate your vigilance.

but i DO expect a show of force from the coalition, not just emails and lip service, mark wyatt.

Steve Fuller said...

I'm not sure about Board members, but Janelle Rettig, the Membership and Communications Director was there. Janelle, her friend, and I rode back to the shop after the event.

My understanding was that Mark and Molly were in or near Decorah putting on a pre-scheduled Safe Routes program.

the mostly reverend said...

priorities, steve, priorities.
they were fund-raising,
WE were advocating.

what's more important?