Friday, April 03, 2009

this just in from GOD!!

god, one of my 174+ friends on facebook, just wrote on my wall:
"mostly rev: i've been on a roll here lately, what with ted stevens, bloggo, sarah palin and mccain, rush, michael steele and, ahem, the "credit crunch," i thought i'd toss in another big one: "iowa comes out of the closet."
let's see how long it takes for the wingnuts to start coughing serious blood.
you still good for the standard wager?
--as ever, g."
i tell you, despite all the things folks say, both pro and con, this god dude really IS okay. but you can never EVER take him seriously. jesus, what a sense of humor. guy cracks me up EVERY time. but that's cool, cuz i can get a good belly laugh from him, too, when i feel like it.

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