Friday, April 17, 2009

elkhart time trial #1

chad and i drove out to elkhart yesterday afternoon to put up the signs and get ready for the first non-ross elkhart time trial. first rider off at 630, we figured we'd get 35 to 40 riders, and be back home at a reasonable hour.
last rider started at 744. we had 75 starts. unbelievable. minor glitches, little things to do next time we overlooked this time.
but 75 riders IN APRIL.
we had many first timers, and it was apparent that many of these had coaches who long have supported actually RACING. but more important, in my mind, was evidence that some long-time coaches seemed to have come around to the benefits of outdoor racing. we saw team kits last night that haven't seen a time trial in years, or so it seems.
i'll be damned.
of course, this doesn't mean anyone will see ME at a roller exhibition any time soon, or even in this lifetime.
results and other info about the 2009 elkhart time trial series can be found here. as just another helper, i want to thank the others who helped out: big-hand shrek, the robros [steve and scott, the turn-around boys], lane [surrogate shrek], dirty dick, steve reynolds [the dixie chopper guy], the elkhart city council, and chad who has and will continue to work his ass off to put on this great series. there are some great prizes, and will be some very fast times in the months to come. keep an eye on collier, reichhardt, and jerome. d-lip will come around, of course, and there are others who weren't out there last night who will show up as the weather gets warmer.


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