Wednesday, February 28, 2007

what would jesus' lawyers do?

well, some assumptions, first.
let's assume that some, a few, well, maybe many, of his disciples
were rampant pedophiles.
safe assumption ["bring the children unto me."], right?
then, let's assume that, over the course of his 30-odd years,
he had accumulated VAST holdings--
prime real estate in large and small cities all over the world,
plus some of the finest and most precious art in all the world;
jewels and gems, you name it.
let's next assume that he took the time to TELL people how to live their lives,
and charged only 10% of their income for his advice,
AND was able to convince his congressmen to make
the whole shebang [income and assets] tax exempt.
and let's toss in this for his influence:
that he wanted his followers to kill millions of his father's children
in his name over the years,
because they think that's what he would want.
okay, assumptions done.
now, let's assume that some of these children, the victims of pedophillic disciples,
now adults and cognizant of the nature of
the sexaul crimes committed against them by his workers,
try to seek redress, atonement, an apology, and perhaps compensation?
what do you suppose jesus would do?
? ? ? ? ?
need a moral compass?
i understand they're having a clearance sale in san diego, at fire sales prices!


john said...

I love that shit. very distrubing, but funny.

Pete Basso said...

Kim - is it just me or do you purposely seek out ridiculous posts to insult Christians at every chance you get? It's very interesting to me that you stand for love, peace and "sprirituality" but you constantly perpetuate hateful incinuations towards Christians...what have we done to you that others have not? I understand we are an easy target because of our forgiving and loving nature but man you really dig deep to find some of this garbage. Just a suggestion as a daily reader of yours, (and friend), try posting articles that offer a "positive" outlook on what Christians have done around the world...they far out weigh the bad stuff....or is that just too boring to read about?

Just a thought? ~ I will keep you in my prayers

the mostly reverend said...
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the mostly reverend said...

no, i don't, pete. actually, i ignore a lot of them, but sometimes the hypocracy is too great to ignore. this is nothing personal, in particular, but in general, it is a plea for ALL folks who act in the name of religion seriously to consider the true consequences of what they say and do.

for example, pete, why are you so deeply offended by my challenge of the actions of the san diego catholic church? you are not responsible for the decisions they make, and i would hope that you would find the decision to seek protection of the church's VAST financial holdings rather than make atonement for atrocities committed against young men a reprehensible moral affront, as i do.

what have YOU done to me? nothing bad. what have OTHERS done to me? well, they have acted, and continue to act, in a very public way absolutely the WRONG way that their preaching and doctrine would suggest.

i have no desire to post postive things about the church--other people's churches and beliefs--because what i post is about MY beliefs, and my reactions to other peoples actions, and whatever else might strike my fancy.
but you will recall that not long ago i posted about madonna's foundation established to fight the ravages of, well, at the heart of it, poverty in africa.

THAT is something "the Church" should be doing, rather than avoiding court battles about the sins of their children [ie, pedophillic priests]. my understanding of church teachings would suggest that the pope, or the bishop, or archbishop, or whomever, would get up on sundays and say "we're sorry, and seek your forgiveness, and will do everything in our power to make right the wrongs we have committed."

chances are that when someone in the church does THAT, i WILL print it.

but in the meantime, i will continue to point out hypocracies as i deem appropriate.

and the notion of "we" as an easy target? man, that's a big persucution complex, pete. i'm only yanking at the really big doofusses, like "reverend i'm not gay i'm cured" from colorado, and folks like that, who are so obviously full of crap they can't tell up from down unless the cue card holder gives an indication.
these folks aren't speaking on behalf of the almighty; they're speaking on behalf of the almighty DOLLAR. i respect your values and beliefs; i question the values and beliefs of the san diego diocese, and of reverend i'm not gay i'm cured.

Anonymous said...

Kim, You have to be one of the most shallow S.O.B.'s I've ever met. Educated and articulate but deviod of original thought. Incapable of talking about solutions. Instead, you can only stomp others into the dirt with "legal-speak". You sit on the sidelines and complain about the people who actually stand for something. Instead you stand for nothing but are against everything. What is that getting you? A life filled with very, very little accomplishment.

Pay your taxes to uncle sam and hope that he will take care of you because you are too afraid to take responsibility for your own life.

You pitiful, angry old man.

Pete may be your only friend because he is a Christian and is full of grace. Everyone else thinks that you are a joke.

gpickle said...

I have trouble seeing how this is a ridiculous post or how it is insulting to christians. This story is in the news and does not require any seeking out unless you don't pay attention to the news.

The hypocrisy of the world is much too widespread to fit onto one blog and its a good thing that there are so many blogs to choose from, I am sure the issue is getting all the coverage it deserves, whatever the political or moral slant.

Wherever your stand on this issue coming into a public forum such as this and posting a hate filled and anonymous comment is sad, pathetic and cowardly. If you believe that Kim is a shallow joke of an S.O.B then by all means let your feelings be known but sign your name or your credibility is shot and that makes you something of a joke in MY humble opinion.

Stephen William Goetzelman

Pete Basso said...

Stephen and Kim: I take no offense to the actual posting of the article from the San Diego paper, as you well know, I am vehemently against anything harming children in any way, shape or form. What insults me is the "Assumption" portion of this post. Kim uses "Jesus'" name in the top of the article then assumes his disciples are the ones abusing kids. You already know what assumptions do to people, that's right, it did it to Kim on this one. Just because "one" claims to be a disciple of Jesus, does not make ONE a disciple OF Jesus. Your actions are what proclaim and designate you as a disciple of Jesus. James 1:26 "If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he decieves himself and his religon is worhless".

Remember, the bible says in the end times, "Good will become evil and evil will masquarade itself as good". These priests have done terrible acts from which a punishment will be handed down.

I'm simply pointing out that every chance Kim gets to glorify "evil" and put down the religion of Christianity, it seems as though he takes that opportunity. I'm not pointing fingers or calling names, I'm merely asking why? Christians offer a huge portion of good will in this country and around the world for anyone and everyone, we even offer aid to those whom carry an agenda to hate and kill us...(Iraq, Iran, Muslims, and many others). Why would you constantly carry and agenda to degrade those, (a huge majority), who do good and spread peace, love, joy and happiness? Just doesn't seem to make much sense to me? It's just a question with no anamosity built into it.

Cody G. said...

Pete, do you see the difference between your argument and Kim's? He is giving very specific examples that have to do with individuals, while you speak in generalized terms. You refer to Christians as "we" as if you have the authority to speak for every Christian in the world. You also refer to people who "hate and kill us" as Iraqis, Iranians, and Muslims. It insinuates that Christians never hate other Christians, and that your enemies are always of a different religion.

Your view looks very ethnocentric, and when you write that you will pray for Kim, it also looks supercilious. Be careful... you may be stepping on someone's toes.

Pete Basso said...

Cody G - Please re-read my post and reconsider what you wrote. What I said was not general but very specific.

Also, as for speaking for all Christians, my words in these posts are from the Bible which does speak for all Christians.

Your "left field" observation of my words of those who hate us are also straight from the Quaran, how can that be ethnocentric? Do you not watch the news? There are people in these countries and specifically that religion that openly state they want us, (infidels, Christians, Amercians), dead, yet we offer help in everyway possible.

You obviously don't know me or my heart as offering prayers to anyone cannot be "supercilious". I find it rather shallow on your part that you would try to turn a heartfelt offering to a friend of mine into something snide. Maybe you should take gain on who is writing the post and get to know that person before clipping my wings of kindness and good-will.

And finally, as a Christian, one should never hate another Christian. You can be disgusted with another, you can be frustrated with another but to flat out hate another Christian or human, (for that matter), isn't Christian.

How do you dispute that?


Pete Basso

Cody G. said...

Wow, Pete. Me and you live on different planets.

Garrett said...



I think you are drawing assumptions to a tongue and cheek post by The Reverend. Take it easy ... really! In no way did I see his post as an attack on all Christians, merely the hypocrits that act as a cancer to our spiritual communities.

Maybe you should re-read the passage you quoted earlier in this chain:

James 1:26 "If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he decieves himself and his religon is worthless". (BTW – you misquoted it. deceived is spelled wrong.)

I’m not so sure you’ve kept a tight reign on your tongue.

One thing is for sure, The Reverend doesn’t keep a tight reign on his tongue, which is one of the reasons I’m proud to call him one of my dear friends. I can’t wait to see you taunting me on the Snake in Devil garb!

Garrett Davis

the mostly reverend said...

i can't believe no one has commented on the misspelling of "sexual" in line 22 of the original post!!

you readers are slacking off.