Wednesday, April 02, 2008

hello, you're on the "kim west radio cycling show"

i racked up some serious chamois time tonight, boys and girls, and at the same time, i got to talk bicycling with a few real bicycle racers. my producer, dave, arranged studio time at who/kxno, and walked me through the process of radio 101. three hours later, i've got 88 minutes of conversation covering the iowa cup, women's racing, group rides on trails, and about 45 minutes of story time with bob mionske.
we don't go on the air for real for about three weeks, but i am really very excited about it. as soon as i figure out this new software, i'll edit some of it down and post it here.
kxno 1460 am, sunday nights 600 to 700 pm.
thanks to everyone who called in, and for those who were ready but didn't make it tonight, thanks to you, as well.
you WILL be on, as many as want to be, i promise.
ya just gotta tune in, beginning april 20th.

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