Thursday, April 24, 2008

snowdog update

i suspect our mystery man SNOWDOG envisions himself as the cold, frosted canine at left. in reality, however, i suspect most folks who have encountered snowdog think of him, well, kinda like the second photo: just some dick in a truck. we may have picked up his scent, by the way, and i would like to thank and congratulate the metro running community for not just stepping up to the plate, but running up to it in droves, by helping out and spreading the word about these posts and this menace to society.

a local station is prepared to run a story about the snowdog affairs, and we have some reliable spottings, so this chance encounter just might have a happy ending. we shall see.


RoboCop said...

Ok, I'm not a huge fan of back and forth, back and forth comments about this person should do this and that person should do that.

As an avid runner and up and coming cyclist, I want to see what I can do to help get this ignoramous called "Snow Dog" before someone gets seriously hurt. As long as runners and bikers alike are not throwing themselves in front of vehicles to create a stir, which I wholeheartedly don't believe to be the case here, Drivers need to quit taking his "I am in a vehicle therefore I own the road" mentality, lay off on the excess malted milk balls and sugar laden cereals and start thinking about the consequences of their actions instead of always thinking about themselves and how much they hate healthful activity.

How this healthful activity makes them feel bad about themselves and they can't stand the sight of others taking a healthful approach to life because we enjoy life and the company of others who enjoy life. How would you like it if we broke into your home and stole the batteries out of your remote control? You'd probably go on a rampage.

This being said, I would like to know more about this Snow Dog character. Does anyone know a plate number? Is there a particular time of day he is seen? And, if Snow Dog manages to get wind of this, he'll be happy to know that when I catch him, he will be receiving numerous citations and possibly be going to jail for using his vehicle as a deadly weapon. I'm not going to play games w/ you and I don't like idiots who get off on driving recklessly at the expense of others. I am a traffic officer and people like you make my job all the more worthwhile.

the mostly reverend said...

hey, robo--
thanks for your reply. "snowdog" IS his license plate. all you must do is run SNOWDOG through icis/isis.whatever the state dot/license system is called, and you'll have the little weasel.

PLEASE won't you do that? i'd be delighted to swear out a complaint for reckless driving, or assault with a motor vehicle, because i REALLY feared for my safety and thought for certain i was dead meat.

and i think my perception is what matters in an assault case, NOT whether he actually ran over my ass.

so PLEASE save us all from this piece of snake shit.

and thanks!!!

RoboCop said...

Hey Man,
A couple of things will need to happen before I can deal w/ Snowdog. I am attending a Counter Drug school all of this week so won't be able to deal w/ this guy until I get back next Monday. Also, I'd like to get in touch w/ our City Attorney to see what kind of charges she recommends we charge Snowdog with. Lastly, I'll have to get your information and anyone else's information that might want to be a witness so I can add them to the citation(s) and/or a long form, CIR in the event I arrest this guy. Who knows? He might be wanted anyway which will make things even easier. If you'd like for me to meet w/ you once I get back to work next week, that works for me. Otherwise, we can figure out a way to give you my cell # or visa versa without posting it over this website for all to see. If you happen to see this guy again and he does the same thing, make sure to make note of it. The more he does it, the more of a case we'll have if he goes to court on it. Hope we can get this guy. Peace.