Tuesday, April 29, 2008

old capitol memories, 2008

she IS her father's child, as the evidence plainly shows--well done, brianna!
brendon, impressive in his riding this weekend, foretells a hale ragby
things i love about this photo, beginning with dirty dick
the first-ever "kim west radio cycling show aggressive rider award"
[thanks to fry guy photos!]


Anonymous said...

So That's how you disposed of those t-shirts. Any words on an opening day for the Kollective? The story I wrote I am sure has to be updated.
Radio show story for you: the city of Des Moines will be erecting a plaza in memory of Dr. Bob at the trailhead of the Bill Riley trail. Call for details.284-8541.

Anonymous said...

Putting up a marker is nice and Bob used that trail as much as anyone, but I would bet Bob would rather have the city fix the water run off problems that the city didn't fix when they put down the new asphalt.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Richard Brown of the Parks and Rec.about the Breedlove Plaza and that is one of the problems that will be fixed when they begin construction of the Plaza.

the mostly reverend said...

we ARE beginning to have regular hours at the kollective beginning saturdays from 900 am to noon.
nothing officially announced, but you read it here FIRST!!

drop off your old bikes, 9 to noon saturdays. 617 grand avenue.

and about the bob plaza? that will work great with my idea for ALL fallen riders...we should include space for ALL dead bikemen and women.

i WILL call. thanks. duffy--come down saturday morning, bring your cameraman guy.

the mostly reverend said...

oh, and those are the brand new kim west radio cycling show t-shirts.

they are VERY hot!!