Friday, April 11, 2008

gone [foul play presumed]

i really love living where i do. the orphanage has been--and continues to be--great place to live and enjoy life here in capitol city. i like the close contact it affords to real neighborhood interactions: a sidewalk that people use, and upon which friendly people pass and say hello. i've seen many of the same folks regularly over the fourteen years we've been here. people know the volkswagen house, the house with the great lilacs, with the fast-growing maple trees, the dog house, the purple house, whatever.
and yet it's on a busy street: good and bad, it is. a few years ago, my free-range heard of domesticated flamingos was pushed to the brink of extinction by pranksters who couldn't resist their juvenile instincts. from what was once a dozen, one lonely flamingo remains. and it hovers nervously, alone and afraid, close to the house. but while taking out the recycling this morning, i noticed one of my most-used bikes, pictured above in one of its happier uses last summer, my beloved schwinn town and country, customized to my exact fit, equipped with a two-speed kickback hub, and used so often for rehab purposes, was gone.
too bulky to easily take up and down the basement stairs, it had been parked in my front yard, near the pergola. i had used it as recently as february and march while i mended from yet another broken clavicle.
not an easy ride-away, it must have gone into someone's pickup.
son of a bitch; sometime people really piss me off.
just venting...


Anonymous said...

walk 3 blocks in each direction, I'm sure it will be found.

Juvenile Crime Specialist

Z said...


There is a special place in hell for bike thieves.


the mostly reverend said...

when i was working as a public defender, for years, the ONE crime i would NOT handle was bike theft. absolutely despicable. like horse thievin'.

Steve Fuller said...

Sorry to hear about the T&C rev. I suggest a search party. 50 bikers canvasing the neighborhood should turn something up.

the mostly reverend said...

i guarantee that if i see someone riding one, they'll be closely scrutinized.
it has some secret identifying characteristics.