Sunday, April 20, 2008

things learned in just one short hour

the hardest working man in cycling radio?
i felt as the non-custodial father must feel when he has the kids on saturday afternoon, from 2 to 4 pm, and wants to take them to the zoo, the amusement park, and the ice cream shop, only to learn that they really just wanted ice cream.
lesson learned: don't try to do too much. i felt horrible running out of time for bob mionske. guests will have more time; i might even try to talk less at the beginning.
i'd love to hear the feedback, please.
thanks to all of you who called in; thanks to all of you who called and didn't get through, and thanks to all of you who listened. don't feel bad if you missed it. like my daughter, who called me halfway through the show--i didn't take her call, dammit--to find out when it began, you can catch a podcast of the show some time tomorrow by going here.
and send your questions for our contributors, around town sidney brown [gossip], dr. kelby [medical], bob mionske [legal], and to the mostly reverend [how to remove blood stains from bike jerseys] to
next week: featured race--old capitol criterium,
report from our tour of georgia reporter, kenny lefler,
spotlighted team of the week, and
a discussion of silly but serious bicycling ordinances


Scott said...

I love the Kim West Cycling Show!!!

In a former life I was a sports radio junkie, but over the last few years I've lost much of my interest in mainstream sports [I just don't have 16 extra hours on a weekend to watch football like I used to].

It was very, very cool to sit at home last night and listen to people talk about what I DO care about now--bikes, bike racing, and shared roadways.

Dare I say ... Kim, I think this radio show may be the culmination of your entire life's work?!?


the mostly reverend said...

geebus, i hope not. i quit the public defender office once i realized that i was thinking "gosh, i could do this forever." but i'd really like to have this work, you know? i'd love to be able to travel around, to be the one one the motos, interviewing riders, all that stuff.
and i think it could.
last night was a little short of what i'd hoped, and yet, it made me realize that i can work.
so, scott, thanks so much for listening, and for posting.

others, i know you were listening, too. let me know what you think, please. and send your questions and juicy tidbits [they can be anonymous, you know] to

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim-
Missed the show last night as we were driving back from the Eagle Point Crit. I am trying to download the podcast and haven't had any luck so far. Any advice? Looking forward to the show. Thanks.
Ryan Iowa City

the mostly reverend said...

podcast isn't up yet. i will be learning how to do it so that it will be up before i leave the station sunday nights. it might be a couple days before the first one happens, though. sorry.