Monday, April 28, 2008

old capitol wrap up

1--i made a glaring factual error during my report on the women's cat 4 crit on yesterday's kim west radio cycling show; what was it?

2--the kim west radio cycling show sponsored its first award, in the cat 3 crit. the winner was matt pavlovich, who executed my game plan, designed especially for him. i was delighted to learn that the judges determined--totally without my input--that matt's riding exemplified the most aggressive riding in the race. amd he nearly rode it to a solo victory. SO THERE, all you smarty-pants who think sitting in to sprint is the best and most exciting way to race: matt has the t-shirt, nya na na na NA na. there will be similar prizes in up-coming races. get your tough guy t-shirts here!

3--coolest tattoo i've seen in YEARS!! nice tat, chad; great photo, gummi

4--with the exception of brianna hantelmann, where were the des moines juniors?


Matthew Pavlovich said...

how did Stu Blogaman do? Did he win the most aggressive jersey for the P,1,2?

Anonymous said...

i couldn't find a stu blogaman in the results.

PastorRick said...

Luis R was there. But the question I keep getting is where are the juniors. Well, Yehuda Moon covers that today. Parents are too scared by news coverage to let their kids ride their bikes to school. It is all those parent's fault for believing what they read in the papers or see on tv.

the mostly reverend said...

that would be this one:

good job, pastor.

and, yes, luis WAS there, and so far as i can tell, did NOT figure in to any crashes. close calls is another matter.