Saturday, September 06, 2008

central iowa trail updates

how about THIS?? there actually exists an estimated timeline of construction and repairs. thanks, lori. read and weep--or laugh, but DON'T hold your breath:

Trails and Greenways Advisory Committee
City of Des Moines Parks Department
Polk County Conservation Board

Project Updates -- September 2008

Trail Closures Due to Flooding
Neal Smith Trail – The trail is back open, but users should use caution near the Kiwanis Nature Island where the trail surface is gravel for now. Plans are to place hard surface back in sometime this fall. [no reason to resurface, is there? this thing is smooth as silk. RIGHT. --kim]
John Pat Dorrian Trail – Trail is closed south of the Des Moines Police Station all the way to Crivaro Park due to several sink holes in the levee and cannot be repaired until levee repairs have been completed – No estimated completion date.
Trestle Trail – The trail has a temporary levee placed on it west of the County building and cannot be opened until the levee is removed. PCCB and Des Moines Parks are working to establish a temporary access around this area. Plans are being drawn up to replace the trail segment. Construction will start next spring and be completed in the spring of 2009. [any thought given to a complete redesign and reconstruction to the underpass on lower beaver, maybe, or perhaps to installing a rain and water diversion system? --kim]

Land Trail Projects
Walnut Creek Trail Segment 3 – Construction should be completed by the end of September.
Walnut Creek Trail Segment 4 – Asphalt paving is scheduled for the week of September 11-18
Waveland Trail Phase 1 – Preliminary design has started on trail. Construction is slated to start in June or July of 2009.
Waveland Trail 40th St to 42nd St – Trail design is nearly complete, working with property owners to purchase necessary easements for trail construction. Construction estimated to start April or May of 2009.
Trails Signage - Maps and design specifications for trail signs is nearly complete and should be ready for bid within a week and construction will likely start late Fall 2008 and be completed by May of 2009.

Water Trail Projects
Safety Cabling Across River – Center Street Dam emergency cable across river was destroyed by flooding. New cable will be installed. Cable across the Des Moines River upstream of Scott Street still needs to be installed. Installation is expected to be completed by the winter of 2008.
Water Trail Kiosks – Installation should be completed within 2 weeks.

Bicycle Projects
Indianola Avenue Reconstruction – Designs are starting on the roadway with trail, bicycle and complete street elements. Staff will bring designs to the committee at a later date.
Complete Streets – Des Moines City Council will be asked to approve a complete streets policy at the second Council meeting in September.
Inductive Loop Detectors – Subject to approval and installation by Traffic and Transportation Department and the next two will be 31st and 42nd Streets at Kingman Blvd.
Bicycle and Trail Master Plan – Proposals from consultants expected to be received by the City around October 1 with the master plan likely starting around the end of November. [suppose we can get access to this? --kim]
Application for Bicycle Friendly Community – Application was submitted August 15, 2008
Bicycle Parking [see my earlier post on this. you know, maybe if they would work on changing institutional attitudes they might stand a better chance of getting their blessed designation. why doesn't someone ask ME what i think? --kim]
Installation of bike racks – Approximately 50 installed to date, 150 remaining to be installed by the end of October. [would somebody PLEASE tell them simply to buy and install old school bike racks? THESE FANCY SCHMANCY ART RACKS SUCK!!! my mama always told me, "kim, don't EVER lean your bike on a piece of art--even BAD art.]
Bicycle parking ordinance – On hold [oh, THIS should be good. --kim]
Installation of bicycle parking on private property – On hold [you mean like that piece of shit "bike rack" at beaverdahl's? that thing is older than john mccain! --kim]

Greenway Projects [nothing is included here--the mostly rev]

. . . . . .
Trails Update from Polk County Conservation
September 5, 2008

Ankeny to Woodward Trail. Anticipate Ankeny to Sheldahl will be open by October 1. Friends of Central Iowa Trails is working on an opening celebration for this segment of the trail. Fundraising continues in earnest. Still hoping for a December letting on the Madrid-to-Woodward portion that includes the bridge across the Des Moines River.

Great Western Trail. September letting expected for the repair work South of McKinley with construction completion expected by November 15. [wanna bet? november 15th my ass! --kim]

Trestle to Trestle Trail. A pier snapped during the flooding on the trestle bridge at Johnston (Beaver Creek). Working with FEMA to prep for repair. Working with NRCS on debris removal under this trestle bridge. 1800’ of trail between MLK and River Place (just N of Euclid) remains covered in roughly 3’ of dirt from the city’s efforts to raise the levy during the flood.

Gay Wilson Trail West (Neal Smith to Ankeny). Should be receiving contract documents from DOT any day now, allowing engineer to begin design work. Hoping for spring letting and summer construction.

Easter Lake Trail. Working to incorporate portions of this trail as part of the Summerset Trail extension to the North. One section of the proposed route requires WRA easement. Awaiting legal description from the engineers and then will proceed with trying to acquire that easement.

Chichaqua Valley Trail. While this trail was damaged during flooding, it has so far been able to remain open during repairs. Will keep you posted as work continues.

. . . . .
PLEASE post comments, complaints, and suggestions, and i will pass them along.


Steve Fuller said...

A) Trestle to Trestle trail. Simple: REMOVE THE DIRT. I really don't see what the opposition is to this, unless they are expecting another 500 year flood next spring and want to keep the dirt in place.

B) While you're at it, fix the drainage on the hill next to the river so that the water flows under the trail instead of over it. Maybe use that 1800' feet of dirt and build a levee on that side???

C) Trestle to Trestle @ Beaver. Move the tunnel further north and run the trail right along the railroad right-of-way like you should have done in the first place.

D) The great western trail is one of the most heavily used trails in the area. You might want to consider fixing that first.

E) Bicycle parking ordinance? MAYBE consider that when you have some useful bike racks installed.

F) I see no mention of appropriately marking what appears to be a perfectly usable bike lane along Urbandale Ave. I take this to mean that the city won't mark it, and we need to go out and paint the bike stencils in the lane and put up the signage ourselves?

the mostly reverend said...

thanks, steve. those are excellent comments and suggestions. i really appreciate it--as do the city and county folks--when it's not just me talking.
power to the people, man.